Wholesale E – Rickshaw Parts

Yufeng Motor
48V 850watt
48V 1000watt
Differential CY/Yufeng
Headlight Led Normal Front Rim
Meter Cut
Non Meter Cut
Front Brake Plate
Meter Cut
Non Meter Cut
Front Axle Rod with Bush Handle Bar Left Right Switch
Side Mirror Ignition Switch Mud Guard Shocker Set
Handle T Set Handle Bearing Set Double Horn Set DC Converter
Front Brake Cable Speedometer Control Cable Speedometer Normal
with KM Led Display
Bar set with Reflector and Rubber
Front Indicator Set Buzzer Flasher Accelerator Double Tyre
Rear Rim Motor Controller Wiring Harness Kit Reverse Horn
Charging Socket Brake Light Switch MCB Switch 63 Amp Junction Box 6 way
Tail Lights Brake Pedal Hand Brake with Wire Brake Rod Spring
Small and Big
Brake Rod Front Kamani Plate Set Kamani Bush
Set of 8 pcs White
Kamani Bush Rubber
Set of 4 pcs Black
U Bolt Set of 4 pcs Mud Flap KamaniJ hulla set of 4 pcs Balancing Rod set
Balance Rod Pin Mild Steel